AAJS 1988 Conference, 24-27 July, Shalom College, UNSW

Welcome by Evan Zuesse, AAJS President
Opening address on 'Israel Today' by Zvi Gabbai, Consul-General of Israel
Aaron Aaron: From the Babylonian Era to the Sephardi World
R. Raymond Apple: Jewish Military Chaplaincy in Australia
Don Barrett: Some Issues in Australian Jewish Education
Paul Bartrop: Not a Problem for Australia: The Kristallnacht viewed from the Commonwealth
Sophie Caplan: Some Factors in Underground Survival in Nazi-Occupied Europe
S H Chani: A Town with Four Names
Sr. Antoinette Collins: Gnosticism: Its Origins in Judaism
R. Simon Cowen: The Method of the Talmud
Alan Crown: Israel Weissbrem: A Forgotten Hebrew Writer
Sr. Marianne Dacy: The Mishnah as a Source of History on the Second Temple Period
Eva Engel: Child Survivors Report
George Foster: Psychological Consequences of the Holocaust on Survivors and their Children
Anna Frenkel: Soviet Jews: Beyond the Border of the Unhistoric Homeland
Anne Gardner: Political Viewpoints in Ancient Israel
Michael Hollington: Identity and Otherness in Louis Malle's Film 'Au revoir les enfants'
W J Jobling: Mount Nebo in History and Tradition
Amanda Kamsler: Reflections on the '12th Hour Project'
Brenda Katton: The Role of the Jewish Woman as an Educator
Rachael Kohn: Jews and Christians in 19th Century London
Tom D Kramer: The Holocaust: Historically Singular or Plural?
Godfrey Lee: Rescue or Rhetoric? Australian Jewry's Reactions during the Holocaust
Harry Lew: Horace Brodzky, Australia's Forgotten Modern Master
Ida Lichter: Ageing and the Holocaust Survivors
Zipporah Oliver: Towards an Understanding of Holocaust Apologetics
Chaim Oppermann: Yiddish and the Jewish Studies Question
Sam Rodin: Dialectics of Exile in Jewish Thought
W D Rubinstein: Australian Church Press Attitudes to Jews and the Middle East, 1986-87
Suzanne Rutland: The Emergence of Ultra-Orthodox Judaism in Post-World War II Australian Jewry
Myer Samra: The Romance of the Lost Tribes
Veronica Sumegi: Faith after the Holocaust
Max Wilcox: John the Baptist
Evan Zuesse: The Gates to the Palace: Ways to God in Some Modern Jewish Philosophies