AAJS 1990 Conference, 15-18 July

Opening address by Mark Aarons, author of 'Sanctuary', 1989
P Bartrop: 'A Low Class of White People': The Garret Report of 1939 and Plans for Jewish Migration to Australia in the 1940s
Ann Beaglehole: Children of Central and Eastern European Jewish Refugees
D Barrett: The Portrayal of Israel, Greece and Rome in Jewish Apocalyptic Writings
I Beer: The Israeli Versions of the Story: The Martyrdom of the Mother and the Seven Brothers
M Dacy: On Sukkot
L Davey: Elements of the Noahite Covenant
A Eshel: Personal Jewish Archives: The Importance of Collecting and Preserving Them
R Fouda: The Image of the Arab in Modern Israeli Literature
L Fredman: Australian Reactions to Refugee Victims of Nazi Persecution and War, 1933-49: A Local Study
A Frenkel: The Image of the Jew in Russian Classical Literature
N Gale: Immigration of Jews to Perth, Australia
S Gelski: Survival Strategies of Jewish Polish Women, 1918-45
R Gilbert: The Holocaust and Narrative
R Gouttman: Immigration of Jews to Australia of Middle East Origins, 1948-58 or Australia and Jerusalem, 1947-58
B Jobling: The Zodiac and the Iconography of Astrology in the First Century CE
J Kamins: Jewish Law Concerning the Return of Territories Occupied by Israel
R Kohn: The Christian Press of NSW and Jewish Issues, 1933-45
T Kramer: On the Holocaust
D Marsden: The Autobiographies of Moshe Leib Lilienblum
D Perlgut: The Image of the Jew in Cinema
V Ranki: Assimilation of Hungarian Jews
W Rubinstein: The Australian Jewish Community and the Cold War, 1942-55 or The English-Speaking Countries as a Field of Study in Modern Jewish History
S Rutland: Are you Jewish? A Study in Bureaucratic Discrimination in Post-War Australian Immigration
S Sedawie: Jewish-Christian Relations: An International Perspective
Z Shavitsky: On Modern Hebrew Literature
D Snell: Ancient Israel's Society and Economy
J T Squires: Hellenistic philosophy in Josephus' account of Jewish History or A Philosophy of Jewish-Christian Dialogue