AAJS 1994 Conference, 2-5 July, Shalom College, Sydney

Welcome by AAJS President
Keynote address by Dr Warren Osmond, Diplomatic Editor of the 'Sydney Morning Herald'
Rabbi Raymond Apple (Sydney): Jews and Freemasonry
Dr Paul R Bartrop (University of South Australia): Win some, lose some: Britain's colonial empire during the Holocaust
Dr Paul R Bartrop (University of South Australia): The Nuremberg Trials as viewed from Australia: Perceptions of inhumanity and justice
Mr Mark Braham (Sydney): Proselytising homosexuals
Mr Alan Collins (Melbourne): The Jewish fiction writer in Australia
Sister Antoinette Collins (University of Sydney): The texts of Genesis and Dualism
Mr Avrum Ehrlich (Sydney): Ageing Holocaust survivors and their health professionals
Ms Juliet Flesch (Melbourne): Resources for Jewish studies in the University of Melbourne libraries
Dr Lionel E Fredman (Newcastle): The profile of the Newcastle Jewish community
Mr Glenn Gordon (University of Sydney): The effect of wartime restrictions on the Shomrim Zionist Youth Organisation
Dr Rodney Gouttman (University of South Australia): He who laughs has not yet heard the news
Dr W J Jobling (University of Sydney): The Search for Q: Jesus as a local Galilaean cynic
Mr Ken Lee (University of Newcastle): Porrajmos and Shoah: Some comparisons between Romani and Jewish experiences of the Holocaust
Ms Ruth Lewin-Brott (Sydney): Under the ancestral sign: Zionism and Post-Zionism in contemporary Israel
Mr Steve Lewis (Sydney): Land of freedom
Ms Pamela Maclean (Deakin University): The problem of Georg Simmel's Jewishness
Dr Eva Meidl (University of Tasmania): The problem of Jewish identity in Elias Canetti's novel 'Auto-da-Fe'
Dr Vera Ranki (Sydney): Jews and modernity: The Jewish question in Hungary
Prof W D Rubinstein (Deakin University): Kosher heroes: Notable Jewish baseball players in the United States 1930-70
Prof W D Rubinstein (Deakin University): Towards rescue? The proposals of the British National Committee for Rescue from Nazi Terror, 1942-45
Dr Suzanne D Rutland (University of Sydney): Israeli teachers in Australia: A study of induction and beginning teaching
Rabbi Aryeh Solomon (Sydney): Educational implications of Hassidic philosophy
Dr Raymond Younis (University of Sydney): A fire infolding itself: Judaism, philosophy and literature in the twentieth century