AAJS 1997 Conference, 13-14 July

Welcome by AAJS President
Keynote address by Professor Richard Breitman, Chair of History, American University, Washington DC: British Intelligence Decodes of German Police Messages in Relation to the Holocaust
Dvir Abramovich (Melbourne University): Re(Constructing) Shoah Memories: David Grossman's 'See: Under Love'
Dr Paul R Bartrop (Bialik College): Dwelling on the Past, or Remembering for the Future? Reflections on the Memorialisation of the Holocaust in the late 1990s
Danny Ben-Moshe (Melbourne University): The Nature and Definitions of Post-Zionism
Rachel Birati (Monash University): Looking at the Holocaust through Hebrew and other Jewish literature
Sister Marianne Dacy (University of Sydney): Jewish Prayer in the First Century CE
Rebecca Forgasz (Monash University): Feminist Interventions into Jewish Studies
Dr Rodney Gouttman (University of South Australia): A Prelude to Suez: Australia and the Middle East Command
Geoff Jenkins (Melbourne University): The Jewishness of Earliest Christianity: Rediscovering the Hebrews of Acts 6
Emeritus Professor Andrew McCredie (Adelaide University): The Contribution of Euro-Judaic musicians to musical life in Japan, China and the Philippines
Dr Chanan Reich (Emek Yisrael College, Israel): Australia and the 1967 & 1973 Wars
Dr Suzanne Rutland (University of Sydney): From Oligarchy to Democracy: The Evolution of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies
Dr Ziva Shavitsky (Melbourne University): The Representation of German Jewry in Modern 20th Century Hebrew Literature