AAJS 1998 Conference, 7-8 November, Kimberley Gardens Conf Centre, St Kilda, Melbourne

Welcome by AAJS President
Keynote address by Rabbi Dr John Levi, Rabbi Emeritus, Temple Beth Israel, Melbourne: The Hidden Truth - The Jews of Colonial Australia, 1788-1850
Mr Dvir Abramovich (University of Melbourne): Herzl is Dead and We Like It: The Destruction of Zionism in Israeli Literature
Dr Paul Bartrop (Deakin University): Survivor Testimonies as Historical Documents: The Holocaust Through the Eyes of Those Who Were There
Dr Rachel Birati (Monash University): Hebrew Literature, Communications and Culture (related to the teaching of modern Hebrew literature in English translation in Australian Jewish day schools)
Sister Marianne Dacy (University of Sydney): Minim in Rabbinical Literature
Professor Lionel Fredman (University of Newcastle): The Public and Political Life of Sir Saul Samuel
Dr Rodney Gouttman (Monash University): Eliezer Margolin - The Slouch-Hatted Zionist
Mr Sam Lipski (Pratt Foundation, Australian Jewish News): The Jews of Carlton Revisited - A Crowded Table
Mr Gary Luke (Australian Jewish Genealogical Society, NSW): Jewish Genealogical Research from Australian Records
Dr Philip Mendes (Monash University): From the Shtetl to the Monash Soviet: An Overview of the Historiography of Jewish Radicalism in Australia
Dr Constant Mews (Monash University): Jews in 12th Century Christendom
Dr Claudia Prestel (Monash University): From Berlin to Jerusalem: The Forgotten Narrative of a Zionist and a Feminist
Professor Bill Rubinstein (University of Wales): Divisions in the Jewish World, Past, Present and Future
Dr Suzanne Rutland (University of Sydney): Australian Jewry's Campaign for Soviet Jewry: Isi Leibler and the Australian Communist Party
Mr Lionel Sharpe (Australian Jewish Genealogical Society, Victoria): Jewish Refugees to Australia: 1938-1953 - A Demographic Profile
Dr Ziva Shavitsky (Melbourne University): The German-Jewish Condition as Depicted in 'Saul and Johanna' by Naomi Frenkel
Professor Louis Waller (Monash University): Jews in Australian Universities