AAJS 2002 Conference, 17-18 February, Quest Kimberley Conference Centre, St Kilda

Welcome by Associate Professor Ziva Shavitsky, AAJS President, and Dr Dvir Abramovich, Vice-President
Opening address by Sir James Gobbo
Plenary address by Prof Lillian Kremer (Kansas State University): Changing Paradigms of Migration in Jewish American Fiction
Michael Abrahams-Sprod (University of Sydney): 'Australien! Wo ist denn das?' The migration experience of Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany
Dr Dvir Abramovich (University of Melbourne): The magic of Pagis, Amichai and some other surprises: Learning about the Holocaust, Jerusalem and love through Poetry
Dr W K Anderson (Melbourne): 'Women to the right': Discrimination on the ramp: Some reflections on the higher mortality rate of women victims during the Holocaust
Kylie Baxter (University of Melbourne): Modern Conversion: The Islamic and Jewish Experience
Dr Judith Berman (University of Western Australia): Holocaust Remembrance in Great Britain, 1945-2001
Dr Paul Brown (Melbourne): 'Transit Trauma': Quarantine and psychological trauma
Kim Cunio (Sydney): Baghdadian Jewish music oral tradition as the basis for realising texts of the Qumran sectarians (Essenes)
Agnes Czeiger (Sydney): The Voice of Second Generations of Holocaust Survivors
Dr Marianne Dacy (University of Sydney): The Jews in the Theodosian Code
Dr Esther Faye (University of Melbourne): 'Let's stop 'enjoying' the Holocaust and make history instead!'
Dr Rodney Gouttman (Monash University): They Might Be Subversives
David G Hirsch (UCLA): From the Pales to the Pampas: Jewish Periodical Publications in Latin America
Dr Rashid Kaplanov (Moscow Centre for University Teaching of Jewish Civilisation): Sefardic Presence in 18th Century Russia
Professor Margaret Kartoumi (Monash University): Musical Outcomes of Multiple Migrations of Babylonian/Baghdadi Jews along the Asian-Jewish Diaspora Route in Colonial and Post-Colonial Times
Amelia Klein (University of Sydney): Sydney Child Survivors of the Holocaust: Adaptation, Adjustment and Rebuilding Lives in Australia
Peodair Leihy (University of Melbourne): A Comparison of Liturgical Practices in Melbourne
Prof Andrew Markus (Monash University): Patterns of Jewish immigration and settlement, South Africa and Australia, 1880-1970
Dr Philip Mendes (Monash University): The Forgotten Refugees: The causes of the post-1948 Jewish exodus from Arab countries
Miriam Munz (University of Melbourne): The impact of education on the lives of the children living in ghettos Lodz, Vilna and Warsaw
Dr Chanan Reich (Monash University): Australia and Israel: A close relationship?
Prof Bill Rubinstein (University of Wales, Aberystwyth): Towards a Historical Typology of Genocide
Keren Rubinstein (University of Melbourne): Tel Aviv as a setting for Israeli fiction
Dr Suzanne Rutland (University of Sydney): 'The Unwanted': The story of survivor Jewish migration to Australia
Dr Myer Samra (University of Sydney): Benei Menashe Immigration to Israel
Dr Zohar Segev (Haifa University): American Jewish immigrant community in the forties as a political resource
Dr Norman Simms (Waikato University): Mass Expulsion, Escape and Hiding: Jewish Means of Coping by Myth, Dream and Midrash
Don Stanley (University of Melbourne): Masada and Gallipoli
Assistant Professor Adam Sutcliffe (University of Illinois): Migration, Space and Belonging: The Bounding of Community in Seventeenth-Century Sephardic Amsterdam and London
Dr Paul Tonson (Melbourne): Beyond Abrahamism
Prof Hillel Weiss (Bar Ilan University): Immigrations and 'Aliyah' Making: Differences of Poetics and Conceptions by Changing Cultural Centers during time and space in Agnon's work