AAJS 2003 Conference, 16-17 February, Mandelbaum House, University of Sydney

Welcome by Dr Suzanne Rutland
Keynote address (Day 1) by Professor Elliot Ginsburg (University of Michigan): 'A world that is entirely Shabbat': Three Kabbalistic contemplative strategies for extending Shabbat into the week
Keynote address (Day 2) by Professor Alison Coudert (Arizona State University): The Kabbalah, science and the Enlightenment
Dr Paul Bartrop (Deakin University): The death camps as an aspect of Holocaust uniqueness
Dr Ellen Ben-Sefer (University of Technology, Sydney): Infanticide
Dr Rachel Birati (Monash University): The religious Jew and the writer
Dr Marianne Dacy (University of Sydney): Paradise Lost: The fallen angels in the Book of Enoch
Dr Jennifer Dowling (University of Sydney): Pre-Enlightenment Yiddish mystical texts: 'Mayse fun shloyme hameylekh': The Hazards of Understanding Animals
Professor Sol Encel (University of New South Wales): Stalin's pogrom against the Jews
Professor David M Golomb (Reconstructionist Rabbinical College): 'God has decided to rest his Shekhinah in Jerusalem': Targum Jonathan to I Kings 8
Dr Rodney Gouttman (Monash University): Vicious tongues: The strategy
Orna Lankry (University of Sydney): The editing of Haim Vital's seminal text on Lurianic Kabbalah, the 'Ets Hayim'
Peodair Leahy (Melbourne University): You say Parthenos, I say Pandera: A Jewish and Christian exegetical interplay
Prof Oliver Leaman (University of Kentucky): Is there an authentic tradition of meditation in Judaism?
Dr Naftali Loewenthal (London): Jewish mysticism in a world of change: Pre-Modern, Modern and Postmodern perspectives
Dr Bram Mertens (University of Nottingham): Dark images and secretive hints: Franz Joseph Molitor, Gershom Scholem and the Kabbalah
Dr David Patterson (University of Memphis): The mystical shape of the soul in Hebrew language and Jewish thought
Professor Bill Rubinstein (University of Wales): Jews in grandmaster chess since the mid-nineteenth century
Jonathan Sabel (Muenster): Walter Benjamin's Jewish mysticism: Gnosis, Kabbalah and Romanticism
Dr Myer Samra (University of Sydney): How dreams and Mizo nationalism have contributed to the development of Judaism in north-east India
Dr Joseph P Schultz (Naropa University): The four who entered Pardes: A contemporary interpretation
A/Professor Ziva Shavitsky (Melbourne University): The People of Israel in exile: Contacts with Aram (Syria) from the time of King David to the Fall of Damascus 732 BCE
Professor Gordon Weiner (Arizona State University): The Kabbalah and modern anti-Semitism
Dr Ian Young (University of Sydney): Masoretic Text and proto-MT among the Dead Sea (Qumran) Biblical texts
Dr Motti Zalkin (Ben Gurion University): 'Zelem kop?' Lithuanian Jewry between rationalism and mysticism