AAJS 2005 Conference, 13-14 February, Shalom College, University of New South Wales, Sydney

Welcome by Professor Andrew Markus
Keynote address by Dr Yitzhak Reiter: Parallel narratives and adverse strategies: The Arab minority in the Jewish state
Dr Dvir Abramovich: Yona Wallach: The rebellious bad girl of Hebrew poetry
Gedaliah Afterman: The central concepts in the religious writings of Rabbi Meir Kahane
Avril Alba: Moral resistance: Teaching ethical behaviour from the context of the Shoah
Dr Ellen Ben-Sefer: A minority against minorities: Danish children in Teresienstadt
Anna Berger: The Jews of Munkacs: A minority within a minority
Dr Shani Berrin: Anti-Semitism, assimilation and ancient Jewish apologia
Dr Marianne Dacy: The Twelfth Benediction (Birkat Ha-Minim)
Nathan Despott: War, the Church and the Jews
Professor Sol Encel: The Australian Labor Party and the Jewish connection
Oezlem Firtina: Kafka's mouse folk as a Jewish minority
Caryn Granek: Women of the Wall: A minority fights back in Jerusalem
A/Prof Glenn Harris: The intellectual search for identity among the Jewish minority in mid-twentieth century America
Dr Hilton Immerman: The Mussar movement
Dr Sharon Kangisser-Cohen: A first encounter between Holocaust survivors and Australian school children
Tara Kennedy: The Mengele Twins
Dr Michael Mack: Hannah Arendt: On power and powerlessness
Professor Andrew Markus: The Yiddish-speaking community of Melbourne
Dr Aaron Panken: The few against the many: Revisiting the Hasmonean saga
Peta Jones Pellach: Jews in dialogue with Christians
Roland Perry: Monash: The outsider who won a war
Anna Rosenbaum: Czechoslovak Jewry during Communist rule: A hidden minority
Dr Myer Samra: Baba Sali: The rise and fall of a Sephardi congregation in Sydney
Dr Ziva Shavitsky: Ruth Almog's 'In a Doomed Land'
Lynne Swarts: The majority and the minority or the cosmopolitan and the national: Discovering two German Jewish responses to art, modernity and anti-Semitism at the fin de siecle
Dr Ghil`ad Zuckermann: 'Abba, why was Professor Higgins trying to teach Eliza to speak like our cleaning lady?': Ashkenazim, Sephardim, Prescriptivism and the real sounds of the Israeli language