AAJS 2006 Conference, 12-13 February, University of Melbourne

Welcome by Sam Lipski
Keynote address by Ramona Koval
Dvir Abramovich (University of Melbourne): The women of Amos Oz
Rob Baum (Monash University): Circumspection
Stephen Benin (University of Memphis): Pharoah's daughter: A silent woman of scripture
Rachel Birati (Monash University): Rachel and Zelda: A poetry of pioneering zeal and spiritual & mystical faith
Adinah Brown (Monash University): Studying women in context
Hinde Burstin: Writing themselves in: Yiddish literature by women on their relationship to Judaism
Anna Drummond (University of Melbourne): Mary no more: Esther, Old Testament Queen of Persia, in the art of the seventeenth century Dutch Republic
Sol Encel (University of New South Wales) and Suzanne Rutland (University of Sydney): Women's views on major communal issues
Michael Fagenblat (Monash University): The philosophical midrash of Emmanuel Levinas
Suzanne Faigan (Australian National University / University of Sydney): Ester Frumkin: 'A frenzied Medusa whose fury was on the head of the Rabbis'
Rebecca Forgasz: Exhibiting Jewish women: The representation of Jewish women in Jewish museums
Caryn Granek (Monash University): A kingdom of priestesses: Women in the rabbinate
Anat Gueta (Muetiyeda): Women's indispensable role in the Zionist Underground, 'The Jewish Army', which operated in France during the German occupation
Melanie Landau (Monash University): Jewish women and haircovering: Some legal and social reflections
Susan Landau-Chark (Concordia University Montreal): Identity, community and religious leadership as expressed through the role of the Rabbi's Wife
Joseph Levi (Rhode Island College): The transformation of the soul: How Beatriz de Luna Mende Benveniste became Gracia Nasi (ca 1510-1569)
Nina Lichtenstein (University of Connecticut): Forgotten voices: Jewish women writers of the Maghreb
Ruth Linn (Haifa University): The feminine warzone: The narrative of Israeli unwed mothers
Kate Loewenthal (University of London): Charedi (ultra-orthodox) women in the UK and their wellbeing
Naftali Loewenthal (University College, London): Jewish mysticism for orthodox girls: Pre-Holocaust Riga and post-Holocaust New York
Philip Mendes (Monash University): A case study of ethnic stereotyping: The campaign for an academic boycott of Israel
Peta Pellach Jones (University of New South Wales): David's women
Hillary Rubinstein (University of Wales, Aberystwyth): Jewish women as ambassadors to the non-Jewish community in Georgian and Victorian Britain
Keren Rubinstein (University of Melbourne): Etgar Keret's travelling heroes
William D Rubinstein (University of Wales, Aberystwyth): Bypassing Australia: Waves of Jewish immigration to Australia since 1788
Lionel Sharpe (Monash University): Jewish refugee arrivals in Australia 1938-1955: Who came and how many?
Ziva Shavitsky (University of Melbourne): Ruth Almog in a doomed land
Orna Triguboff (University of Sydney): Rachel & Leah in the Kabbalah - The midnight vigil practice
Helen Varney (LaTrobe University): Sontag on cancer: Revisiting 'Illness as a metaphor'
Zoe Willis (University of Melbourne): Bithiya or Thermuthis? Medieval representations of Pharaoh's daughter
Nathan Wolski (Monash University): Don Quixote and Sancho Panza were walking on the way: El caballero andante and the Book of Radiance (Sefer HaZohar)