AAJS 2007 Conference, 11-12 February, Mandelbaum House, University of Sydney

Welcome by Dr Dvir Abramovich, President, AAJS
Keynote address by Prof Yehuda Bauer: Jewish Councils under Nazi Rule
Dvir Abramovich: Welcome to Second Hand Smoke, Elijah Visible and the Golems of Gotham: Introducing Thane Rosenbaum and his Holocaust Tales
Professor Yairah Amit: Human Leadership in Ancient Monotheistic Literature
Rachel Birati: Jerusalem as Viewed through the Prism of Modern Hebrew Poetry and Prose
Dr Shani L. Berrin: Portraits and Mirrors: Joshua in Biblical and Post-Biblical Texts
Dr Antoinette Collins: The Writer of the Gospel of Matthew as a Jewish Scribal Leader in Israel of the First Century CE: Midrash and m'shalim in Early Christian Writing
Dr Marianne Dacy: The Leadership Role of Rabbi Shimeon Ben Yohai
Tobias Grill: German-Jewish Leadership for Traditional Polish Jewry: The Founding of the Agudat Ha-Ortodoksim and of the newspaper Dos yidishe vort in the Gouvernement-General Warsaw (1916-1918)
A/Professor Ehsanul Haque: The Jewish Leaders: In Search of a Just Peace with the Muslims
Dr Geoffrey Herman: 'A King without a Kingdom': The Exilarch in Modern Scholarship
Simon Holloway: Killing Me Softly: Pathos and Irony in the Jephthah Narrative
Dr Hilton Immerman OAM: Modern Insights into Leadership from Classical Jewish Sources
Professor Rafi Israeli: Begin and Sadat; Rabin and Arafat: Leaders in Search of Peace?
Melinda Jones: Taking the Lead in Countering Antisemitism
Peta Jones Pellach: Looking for Role Models: Female Jewish Leadership in the Modern Era
Arie Krampf: 'Jewish Economic Policy'? David Horowitz as the Avant-Garde of the Economic Experts in Israel
Catherine Pearce: Animal Slaughter in Melbourne: Debates Concerning the Issue of Kosher Slaughter of Animals, 1946-1958
Don Perlgut: 'The Passion of the Christ': Antisemitism and Film Marketing
Professor William D. Rubinstein: Anglo-Jewish Leadership and the Holocaust: Neville Laski, Selig Brodetsky, the Board of Deputies of British Jews, and Nazi Germany, 1933-45
A/Professor Suzanne Rutland and Professor Sol Encel: Styles of Leadership in the Australian Jewish Community: The Case of the Campaign for Soviet Jewry
Phyllis Sakinofsky: Shaping the South African Jewish Community: How Antisemitism, the Holocaust and Apartheid Impacted a Community and its Effects on the Individual
Dr Myer Samra: Sephardi Jews in Australia
Rabbi Dr Aryeh Solomon: Paradigms of Educational Leadership in the Writings of Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson
Lynne Swarts: An Uncanny Leader and Uncanny Leads: The Case for Ephraim Moses Lilien
Dr George Weisz: Medical Leaders in Ghettoes: From Venice to Warsaw, Research and Underground Medical School in Polish Ghetto
Dr Nathan Wolski: Mystical Poetics: Narrative, Time and Exegesis in the Zohar
Dr Uri Zur: Different Readings, Different Meanings: A Dialogue between R. Jose the Galilean & Beruriah the Strong-Minded