AAJS 2009 Conference, 15-16 February, Shalom College, University of New South Wales, Sydney

Welcome by Dr Dvir Abramovich, President, AAJS
Keynote address by Dr Rachael Kohn: Is There a Uniquely Jewish Way of Thinking?
Michael Abrahams-Sprod: Shoah and Holocaust: The Jewish Expression of the Jewish Catastrophe
Dvir Abramovich: Generation X and the Holocaust: Etgar Keret's Shoah stories
Avril Alba: The People of the 'Look': Thinking About Jewish Museums
Raymond Apple: What Did Maimonides Omit from his 13 Principles?
Yael Avrahami: Names in the Bible as a Clue to Jewish Identity
Mark Baker: Compassion as a Halachik category: The Case of Agunot in the Nineteenth Century
Emily Canning: For Love of Lashon: American Language Ideologies of Hebrew and Yiddish
Marissa Chorn: 'Different Horrors Within the Same Hell': Gender Differences in Holocaust Narratives of Deportation
Marianne Dacy: Sukkot Seen Through Different Lenses in the Second Temple Period
Michael Fagenblat and Andrew Benjamin: Paul and Jewish Thought
Ozlem Firtina: Franz Kafka and Ilse Aichinger: A Comparison re Jewish Identity
Leah Garrett: Heine's and Peretz's Subversive Rewrites of Wagner's Tannhaeuser
Simon Holloway: 'Boundaries and Borders': Conceptions of the Other in the Book of Nehemiah
Ava Kahn: Thinking Jewish in San Francisco: Landscapes and Traditions, 1850-1920s
Julie Kalman: Jerusalem the Endlessly Disputed: Catholic Pilgrimage and Antisemitism
Seth Kunin: Challenging Normality: Identity Juggling among the Crypto-Jews of New Mexico
Konrad Kwiet: The Arolsen Archives: Old Records - New Research on the Shoah
Melanie Landau: Rape in Marriage: A Jewish Law perspective
Ari Lander: The Borderlines: Zionism, Jewishness and the Zionist Youth Movements
Hans Lausch: Moses Mendelssohn: Mathematics During the Early Haskala
Paul O'Shea: A Non-Jew Thinks about the Shoah
Ari Ofengenden: Thinking Jewish Pride: German-Jewish Reactions to Antisemitism
Bill Rubinstein: The 'Jewish Mind': Contrasts and Decline
Suzanne Rutland and Sol Encel: My Son the Doctor, My Son the Lawyer
Myer Samra: Thinking Oneself into Judaism: The Benei Menashe and Their Interactions with Other Religious Communities
Aryeh Leib Solomon: Is there a Uniquely Jewish Approach to Education?
Mariela Sztrum: 'The Good German': Teaching the Holocaust through fiction
Pao-Hsiang Wang: Rhapsody in Blut: From Blood Feud to Blood Fusion in Israel Zangwill's The Melting Pot
Helen Webberley: Jewish Salonieres: cultivated women or culture vultures?
Charles Wolfe: The Scandal of Spinozism
Danny Yatom: The State of Israel - Realization of the Zionist Dream?
Ghil'ad Zuckermann: Is it Jewish to Kill Sacred Cows? Challenging versus Self-Righteousness in Israeli Linguistics
Uri Zur: Revisiting Contemporary Judaism in Modern Israel