AAJS 2010 Conference, 14-15 February, Mandelbaum House, University of Sydney

Keynote address by Arnold Zable: 'Towards a Common Humanity - The Power of Story'
Louise Pryke: Are the Apiru Hebrews? Reviewing Mendenhall's Thesis
Rachelle Gilmour: David versus Goliath: A Battle of Men, Gods and Kings
Simon Holloway: On Farmers, and Other Threats to Society
Dr Dvir Abramovich: Re-reading a Classic: Dan Pagis's Written in Pencil in a Sealed Railway Car
Prof Tony Kushner and Dr Aimee Bunting: Wandering Lonely Jews in the English Countryside
Julian Silverman: Coexistence and Conflict in Tunisia: A Model for an Australian Sephardi Oral History Project
Helen Webberley: Modernist Art: Its Appeal and Its Repulsion
Vicky Schinkel: How is the Concept of the 'Other' Explored through the Use of Judaic Symbolism at Different Levels of Meaning in The Matrix and End of Evangelion
Salouha Ghariss:, The 'Other' in Judaism and Islam
Prof Clive Kessler: Judaism, Christianity and Islam: Tangled Interconnections in a Common But Not Shared History
Rabbi Dr Aryeh Lev Solomon: Embracing the 'Other Son': Judaism's Theology of Inclusivity and Outreach
Dr Philip Mendes: Western Jewish Communists and Soviet Anti-Semitism: A Case Study of Responses to the Slansky Trial and the Doctors' Plot of 1952-1953
Prof. Samuel Cooper: Conversion and Return to Judaism in Prague in the Czech Republic
Dr Robert Curry: Painted from the Picture: Putting Jewish Musicians Back into the History of Musical Life in East Central Europe in the 16th and 17th Centuries
Assoc. Prof. Suzanne Wijsman: In the Eye of the Beholder: Images of 'Self' & 'Other' in a C15th User-Produced Hebrew Prayer Book
Graham Pont: Isaac Nathan, Lady Caroline Lamb and Lord Byron: The Young Jewish Musician in London High Society
Joseph Toltz: Other Musics: The Unspoken Camp and Ghetto Experiences of Jewish Survivors Living in Australia
Kay Dreyfus: The Musicians' Union of Australia and the Jewish Immigrant Professional in the 1930s and 1940s
Dr Myer Samra: Ka-Thange, Ben-Manasseh
Dr Orna Triguboff: Angels as 'the Other' in Jewish Mystical Texts
Prof. Andrew Markus: Jews and Other Australians
Peta Pellach: Relating to the Other: The Current State of Interfaith Relations in Australia
Sr Dr Marianne Dacy: Jews as 'the Other' as Seen by the Ancient Greeks and Romans
Dorit Gordon: Aristophanes, Josephus, Justus of Tiberias and Diogenes Laertius Vita and Against Apion: A Shared Polemic, Open and Hidden
Prof Rina Lapidus: The Attitude in Aggadic Literature towards Gentiles who Challenge Judaism
Milan Zonca: 'Stumbling Blocks From Among Us': The Role of Apostates in the C13th Jewish-Christian Debate
Rabbi Dr Raymond Apple: David Kimhi's Anti-Christian Polemic in his Psalm Commentaries
Prof. William D. Rubinstein: The Jew as Hero: Einstein in America, 1921; Freud in England, 1939
Dr James Jordan: Images of the other: Men Seeking God and the Representation of Judaism in 1950s British Television
Deborah Anna Brown: German-Jewish Negotiations: Religious Registration, Denominationalism, and Secularization in Late-Nineteenth Century Germany
Anna Berger: Hassidic Tradition's Response to 20th Century Modernity: Munkacs - A Case Study
Dr Ann Mitchell: 'O ye daughters of Jerusalem': Family Bentwich and Religious Doubt
Assoc. Prof. Mark Baker: Anti-Zionist and Jew: Reflections on the Israel Question
Prof Yitzhak Reiter: How Jewish Israel Views the Other: The 100 Terms Educational Program
Evening lecture at Sydney Jewish Museum: Professor Tony Kushner: Exodus 1947: Memory and Representation