AAJS 2011 Conference, 13-14 February, National Jewish Memorial Centre, Canberra

Keynote address by Prof. Fania Oz-Salzberger: 'Hebraic Roots of Modern Political Thought: The Philosophers' Politicized Bible'
Dr Dvir Abramovich: Zionism and Modern Israeli Literature: Friends or Foes?
Dr Helena Rimon: In the Desert of the Other: Identity and Space in Modern Hebrew Fiction
Lynne Swarts: The Personal or the Political? Politics and Religious Identity in the Female Images of Ephraim Moses Lilien
Emeritus Prof. Clive Kessler: The Politics of Religious Affirmation ['Fundamentalism']: Judaism, Christianity and Islam
Miriam Feldheim: The Case of Miri Gold
Prof. Suzanne Rutland: Jews and Muslims 'Downunder': Emerging Dialogue and Challenges
Dr Joan Stivala: Israel in the Roman Empire
Yael Epstein: Religion and Medicine Reconsidered: Ancient Medicine in the Jewish Society in Roman Palestine
Dr Ilana Beer: Jewish Women as Teachers in Formal Education During the Mishnah and Talmud Era
Dr Wendy Michaels: Die Lösung der Judenfrage - Die Lösung der Frauenfrage: Herzl's Representation of Women in Altneuland
Helen Webberley: Captain Dreyfus, The Impressionists and the Politics and Anti-Semitism
Simon Holloway: A State Within an Empire: Persian Period Restoration and the Origins of Judaism
Anthony Rees: Model Citizens? A Tragic Tale
Rabbi Dr Raymond Apple: Religion and Politics: Mary Connolly Revisited
Prof. Andrew Markus: Politics and Religion in Contemporary Australia and New Zealand
Dr Myer Samra: The Political Entanglement of Being 'Benei Menashe'
Prof Colin Tatz: Jews and Race Relations: Social Action in the United States, South Africa and Australia
Dr David Mittelberg: Beyond Religion and Politics: Peoplehood - A New Paradigm for Global Jewish Belonging
Dr Antoinette Collins: The Genesis Creation Stories, the World of Poetry and Aboriginal Understanding of the Land - A Politics of Ecology
Lucy Davey: The Religious Politics of the Book of Ezekiel, with Particular Attention to Ezekiel 8
Dr Merilyn Clark: Competing and Conflicting World Views and Visions in Jonah
Dr Isaiah Gruber: Interpretation of Hebrew in the 'New Israel': New Research on the Pre-History of Russian Jewry
Dr Ehud Manor: Louis Miller, the Warheit, and the Kehillah of New-York, 1908-1909
Dr Michael Beizer: The Character of the Jewish Movement in the Soviet Union
Prof. Suzanne Rutland: Mobilizing for Soviet Jewry: The Australian Story
Rabbi Dr Orna Triguboff: Kabbalah, Isaac Luria and the Connection to Israel
Andrew Pleffer: Archaeology in Israel: The Meeting Place of Religion and Politics
Jonathan Pearlman: More from Jerusalem: An Examination of Media Interest in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Bren Carlill: A Call for Strategic Clarity
Dr Andrew Firestone: Australia's 'Homegrown' Yiddish Poet, Yossel Birstein
Rev. Jeanette Mathews: Framing Lament: Providing a Context for the Expression of Pain and Hope
Dr Anna Hueneke: From Politics to Poetry
Panel discussion on 'Political Uses of the Bible and Koran in Current Middle Eastern Discourse: Transcending Right and Left', Prof. Fania Oz-Salzberger, Dr David Mittelberg, Dr Shakira Hussein
Evening event at Canberra Jewish Centre: David Knoll AM on 'Orwell Invented Human Rights', and a Presentation by Mark Dreyfus QC, MP