AAJS 2012 Conference, 12-13 February, Monash University, Melbourne
'Old New Jews: Jewish Identity in the 21st Century'

Welcome by Associate Professor Mark Baker, Conference Chair
Keynote address by Professor Bethamie Horowitz: Old new identities and communities: a new look at an old idea. Revisiting Jewish identity in the 21st century
Response to keynote address by Professor Andrew Markus
Professor Samuel Heilman: Old new Orthodoxies
Professor David Shneer: Old new identities: The remaking of the Jewish world
Dr Daniel Gordis: Old new politics: A New Zionism for the 21st century. How statehood might restore the Jewish people to its ancient prophetic role
Dr Nick Dyrenfurth: 'They are a class mostly composed of usurers and London Jews': anti-Semitism and the early Australian labour movement
Associate Professor Philip Mendes: The rise and fall of the Jewish Labour Bund: An historical and political analysis
Dr Chanan Reich: Politicians versus bureaucrats in Australia's relations with Israel: the 1967 and 1973 wars
Dr Dvir Abramovich: Amos Oz, Geula and the Bedouins: An examinations of Navadim Vatzefa 1965
Helen Webberley: The very successful Paris School of Art
Emily Gian: A B Yehoshua: The importance and symbolism of Jerusalem in several of his works
Joy Schmack: After that it's easy ... use of the term Jew in the 21st century classroom
Dr Zehavit Gross and Professor Suzanne Rutland: Intergenerational challenges in Australian Jewish school education
Neta Steigrad: Taking Hebrew/Jewish Studies into the 12st century - the need for professionalisation
Keynote speakers Professor Andrew Markus and Professor Moshe Semyonov: Immigration: Australia and Israel compared
Official book launch for Immigration and Nation Building: Australia and Israel Compared by Andrew Markus and Moshe Semyonov
Professor Dov Schwartz: Religious Zionism towards the 21st century
Rabbi Jeremy Lawrence: Modern Orthodoxy - compromise, contradiction or conviction
Professor Tova Cohen: Globalisation and localisation in the development of Jewish Orthodox feminism
Dr David Slucki: "You don't know nothing about survival, I'm a survivor!" Television comedy and new currents in Holocaust representation
Dr Avril Alba: 'When everything old is new again': Uncovering Amalek at Yad Vashem
Dr Esther Jilovsky: The future of Holocaust memory: Representation of the third generation in print and online
Professor David Shneer: The third way: Jewish life in contemporary Berlin
Professor Igor Tantlevskij: Jewish studies in St Petersburg, Russia: Glorious past and prospects for the future
Dr Karen Auerbach: Not a 'literary fiction': The seeds of revival in contemporary Polish Jewish life
Professor Alan Borowski: Anticipating modernity: The Jewish 'welfare state' in biblical and medieval times
Professor Albert Baumgarten: When does a difference make a difference?
Rabbi Dr Orna Triguboff: Ancient-new words: Jewish mysticism now and then
Professor Stuart Cohen: The changing Jewish identity of Jewish soldiers, ca 1800 - 2010
Shahar Burla: Appeals, aliyah and the construction of Israeli narratives in the Diaspora
Ran Porat: 'The myth of no return' - a new model of Israeli emigrants to Australia
Ari Lander: Zionist-socialist ideology in the 21st century
Anita Frayman: Old new Jews and new old Jews: Diverse identities among older Jewish people at the beginning of the 21st century
Dr Jordy Silverstein: Holocaust trouble: Queerying the diasporic Jewish family
Benji Gersh: 'A paralysing sense of community': Holocaust trauma and collective Jewish memory in Ashkenazi Jewish Melbourne
Bronia Kornhauser: Music and the continuity of Yiddish tradition
Dr Jennifer Dowling: "Mayse hagodl (1711): Be more than alert, be alarmed"
Feygi Zylberman: Women in the Jewish Labor Bund in Russia 1897 - 1922
Hinde Ena Burstin: Beyond expectations: Early 20th century Yiddish women writers and early 20th century readers