AAJS 2013 Conference, 10-11 February, Sydney Jewish Museum and The University of Sydney
'Jewish Languages, Jewish Cultures: The Shaping of Jewish Civilization'

Welcome by Michael Abrahams-Sprod, Conference Chair
Keynote address by A/Prof. Ian Young: What Do We Really Know About Ancient Hebrew?
Marianne Dacy: The Eschatological Jerusalem in Qumran and Later Texts
Ari Lobel: Rabbinic Views of the Origin and History of the Hebrew Alphabet in Light of Contemporary Scholarship
Ruth Sheridan: Shaping a Language of Tolerance: Reading the Fourth Gospel with Claude Montefiore
Dvir Abramovich: Sexism, Submission and Feminism, or just being angry: Reading A Clockwork Doll by Dahlia Ravikovitch
Graham Pont: Byron and Nathan: How they created the 'Hebrew Melodies' and what happened to these songs
Raphael Dascalu: Eroticism and Intellect: Mediaeval Judaeo-Arabic readings of the Song of Songs
Panayiotis Diamadis: Jewish Identity without Language: The case of the Romaniots of Ioannina
Navra Jaat Aafreedi: The Indian Muslim Involvement with the Hebrew Language
Andrew Markus: Jewish Languages, Jewish Cultures in Post-War Australia
Aryeh Solomon: The Hebrew Language and the Disclosure of the Nature of Education
Zehavit Gross and Suzanne D. Rutland: The Chicken and the Egg: the Challenge of Changing the Culture of Modern Hebrew Language Acquisition in Australian Jewish Day Schools
Neta Steigrad, moderator: Public forum on 'Modern Hebrew Language Learning and Teaching: Its Role & Relevance, Present & Future'
Myer Samra: The Jews of Baghdad and their Arabic Dialect
Michael R. Cohen: An 'Unholy Tongue' or a New Jewish Language? English and the Quest to Save Traditional American Judaism
Ghil`ad Zuckermann: The Role of Children in the Hebrew Revival and Beyond
Dashiel Lawrence: "It's our land. God gave it to us": A narrative inquiry into the Australian Jewish Diaspora/Israel relationship
Shahar Burla: The Performative Language of Zeev (Vladimir) Jabotinsky
Richard Gehrmann: Hiding identity, surviving war: An alternative reading of a White African memoir
Sean Sidky: The "Silence and Memory" of Elie Wiesel: Translation and the Holocaust Survivor
Jan Lanicek: German-speaking Jews in post-war Czechoslovakia
Racheline Barda: The Jews of Egypt and French Culture - a love affair
Judy Campbell: Telling the story of the Second Egyptian Exodus in the language of Broadway
Jan Poddebsky: Dancing Moments
Concluding session: 'The role of language in shaping culture'