AAJS 2015 Conference, 15-16 February, UNSW and the Shalom Institute, Kensington, Sydney
'Neighbours: Relations between Jews and non-Jews throughout History'

Presentation of AAJS President's Report, Michael Abrahams-Sprod
Keynote Address by Prof. Harvey Goldberg, HUJ: From an Israeli Moshav to Archives and Manuscripts: Moving Back-and-Forth in Jewish Studies
Dr Esther Jilovsky: Post-Holocaust Neighbours: Third Generation Descendants of Jewish Holocaust Survivors in Germany
Dr Sonia M. Hedgepeth: Tracking Clues Left by Invisible Jews: Zygmunt Miloszewski's Crime Novel A Grain of Truth
Prof. Suzanne Rutland: Genocide or Holocaust Education: Exploring Different Australian Approaches for Muslim School Children
Rabbi Aviva Kipen: Ethical Coexistence: The Place of Judaism Alongside Other Faiths in Australia's Human Research Ethics Committees (HRECs)
Dr Myer Samra: Can a Jew be Recognised as a Refugee in Australia?
Prof. Andrew Markus: Walter Lippmann and the Development of Australian Multiculturalism
Dr Anna Hirsh: Jews and their Neighbours in Shtetl Fiction, Art and History
Dr Dvir Abramovich: 'A Divided Jerusalem' in Hebrew Literature and Poetry
Dr Marianne Dacy: Jews and their Christian Neighbours til 500 CE
Dr Ayelet Oettinger: Between Christianity and Islam: The Art of Protest in Hebrew Medieval Literature
C. M. Kosemen: Peculiar Neighbours: Distinct Tomb Architecture and Tombstone Photographs from Turkey's Sabbatean 'Donmeh' Community
Dr Panayiotis Diamadis: Israel, Cyprus and Energy Politics
Dr Daniella Doron: Lost Children and Lost Childhoods: Holocaust Memories in Postwar France
Prof. Oscar Lansen: In the Name of Justice: Jewish Refugees and Dutch-Sephardic Relations in the Dutch West Indies, 1933-1946
Simon Holloway: Charmed, I'm Sure: Wizardry, Women and War in the Book of Numbers
Prof. Karl E. Baughman: The Priest and the Princess: Josephus, Poppaea Sabina, and the Fire of Rome
Prof. Noah Aminoah: Relations between Jews and their non-Jewish Neighbours under Jewish Law in Talmudic Times
Lynne Swarts: 'The Most Suitable Mediators between the Orient and the Occident': Ost und West, German Jews, and the Representation of a More 'Authentic' Eastern 'Other'
Dr Michael Abrahams-Sprod: A Parting of the Ways: The Demise of Jewish and non-Jewish Relationships in Magdeburg 1933-1938
Dr Jan Lanicek: Ordinary Gendarmes? Czech Collaboration in the Holocaust
Dr Michael Cohen: 'To Preclude Gentile Competition?' Jewish and non-Jewish Economic Coexistence in the 19th Century American South
Martin Spiegelman: Musical Neighbours: Pop Influences on Haredi Music
Tessa Satherley: Rabbi Tzvi Yisrael Tau's Theosophical Interpretations of War and Peace with Israel's Arab Neighbours
Prof. Guy I. Seidman: The Evolution of Jewish Surnames
Inja Stracenski: Spinoza's Compendium Grammatices Linguae Hebraeae: Manual of Biblical Hebrew for non-Jewish Scholars: Spinoza's Biblical Exegesis as Corrective of Theological anti-Judaism
Alexandru Bar: An Investigation into the Cultural Diversity in Europe: Jewish Heritage in the European Culture (case study Romania 1866-1938)
Anna Maria Borejsza-Wysocka: Unlikely Allies: Wilhelm Feldman and the Emergence of Modern Polish Culture in fin de siecle Galicia
Dr Simone Gigliotti: 'These are the people': Filming the Surviving Remnant in Postwar Germany
Dr Shahar Burla: Neighbours - A Love Story: The Egyptian Solider Image in Israeli Cinema
Dr Gabor Gergely: The Jews Who Weren't There: Cinema, anti-Semitism and Hungarian National Identity, 1938-48