AAJS 2016 Conference, 14-15 February, Griffith University, Brisbane
'Jews, Judaism and the Environment from Biblical Times to the Present'

Welcome and Opening Remarks by Professor Deborah Cao and Dr Antonio Gariano
Welcome by Len Mahemoff, Jewish National Fund of Australia
Welcome by Professor John Flood, Director of Law Futures Centre, Griffith Law School
Presentation of AAJS President's Report, Dr Michael Abrahams-Sprod
Keynote Address by Dr Jeremy Benstein, Heschel Sustainability Centre, Tel Aviv: So Much More than Nature: The Complex Relation Between Jewish Thought and the Environmental Movement
Steven Cook: The Prophet Yona and God's Concern for Plants and Animals
Marianne Dacy: The Pilgrimage Feasts at the Time of the Second Temple and Jerusalem's Water Supply
Aviva Kipen and Philip Kreveld: "and the bush ... was not consumed"
Hannah Smith: Monks, Miracles and Jews: The Emergence and Development of Ritual Murder Accusations in England during the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries
Rebecca Lobel: Seeking Shelter under the Wings of the Shekhinah: Geographical and Metaphysical Implications of the Spanish Expulsion in Sixteenth Century Sephardi Responsa Texts
Weiwei Xing: Traumatic Memories in Unnatural Space Narratives in Michael Chabon's Novels
Suzanne D. Rutland: Meeting the Challenges of the Development of Israel and Common Environmental Issues: The Jewish National Fund in Australia
Joshua Nash: Am I a half Jew? Jewish Identity, Architecture and Libeskind's Jewish Museum
Jennifer Creese: A Settlement Geography of Jewish Brisbane
Helen Webberley: Birobidzhan: Russia's Jewish Autonomous Oblast: Is this a place for Jews?
Panayiotis Diamadis: Cyprus and the Re-birth of Israel
Ghil`ad Zuckermann: Jews and Hybridic Toponyms in Hebrew and Israeli
Community Panel: Antonio Gariano (chair), Len Mahemoff, Rabbi John Cooper, Ari Heber, Peta Briner, John Goldman, Gary Goldman, Jeremy Benstein
Conference Dinner, 98 Margaret Street Memorial Hall, Brisbane
Anna Rosenbaum: Jews and the World of Art - at large
Sonja Hedgepeth: Between Myth and Reality: Biblical Landscape in the Writing and Art of the German-Jewish Poet Else Lasker-Schüler
Alexandru Bar: Tristan Tzara and Benjamin Fondane - between Jewishness, Art and Ideology
Anna Hirsh: Divine Nature in the Jewish Museum of Australia's Judaica Collection
Bruna Krimberg von Muhlen: A Study about Three Generations of Jewish Women
Orna Triguboff: A Kabbalistic Perspective on the Human Relationship with the Environment: Working the Land and Leaving it Fallow - A Cyclic Process
Jeremy Benstein: Of Tragedies and Crises: Talmudic Views on Managing the Commons
Nadav Berman Shifman: R. Hayyim Hirschensohn and the Pragmatic Maxim
Annabel Herzog: Nature in Levinas's Talmudic Readings