AJJS, 'Menorah', Volume 1, Issue 1, August 1987

Editorial introduction by Evan M Zuesse (p.3)
Evan M Zuesse: The Phoenix People: Jewish Identity in the Modern World (p.6)
Alan D Crown: Once Again: Who is a Jew? - and Some Consequences for Klal Yisrael (p.26)
Leon Mann: Identity and Religious Identification of Children of Holocaust Survivors (p.39)
W D Rubinstein: The McNair-Anderson Survey of March, 1984, on Australian Attitudes to Jews and Anti-Semitism (p.54)
Rodney Gouttman: Follow the Leader: The Australian Catholic Church and the Establishment of Israel (p.74)
Serge Liberman: Australian Jewish Writing: An Assessment and a Programme

Literary Section

Lily Brett: Poland (p.95)
Alex Skovron: Homecoming (p.109)
Michele Nayman: Children of Immigrants (p.111)
Mal Morgan: I Think of These Things as We Stand Here
Lions in the Sky
The Stars are Something
Who Killed Cock Robin?
Over Coffee
Isaac Stern
Flowers for Michael (p.112)