AJJS, Volume XI, 1997

Editorial introduction by Rodney Gouttman (p.3)
Marianne Dacy: Jewish Prayer in the First Century (p.6)
Eliezer Paltiel: Whom Does the Bible Call Am Ha-Aretz? (p.16)
Eliezer Paltiel: The King of Salem and Psalm 110 (p.27)
Claudia Prestel: 'A Room of One's Own': Gender and Correctional Education in German-Jewish Society 1902-1933 (p.42)
Ziva Shavitsky: The Depiction of German Jewry in Aharon Megged and Israel Zarhi (p.56)
Rachel Birati: Looking at the Holocaust through Hebrew and Other Jewish Literature (p.71)
Philip Mendes: Left Attitudes to Zionism and Israel: Revising the New Orthodoxy (p.95)


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