AJJS, Volume XII, 1998

Editorial introduction by Rodney Gouttman (p.3)
Marianne Dacy: Is James the Just the Teacher of Righteousness? (p.6)
Simone Clarke: 'Strangers on a Train': The Bureaucratic Gaze in the Final Solution (p.25)
Leanne Piggott: Chaim Weizmann on Arab Opposition to Zionist Immigration in the Early Mandate Period (p.50)
Philip Mendes: Historical Controversy: The Mufti of Jerusalem, the Palestinians and the Holocaust (p.81)
Rodney Gouttman: Three Stages of Disbelief: The Australian Press and the Six Day War (p.103)
Dvir Abramovich: Rape and Violence in the Fiction of Amos Oz (p.119)
Paul Bartrop: The Jew on the Screen: The Jazz Singer as a Paradigm or as a Stereotype? (p.143)
George McLean: Note: 'And Their Ghosts May be Heard': Australian Folksong and the Film Music of George Dreyfus (p.158)


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