AJJS, Volume XIII, 1999

Editorial introduction by Rodney Gouttman (p.3)
Peter Bedford: Jews at Elephantine (p.6)
Tony Buchen: The Jewish Dialogue with American Nationalism 1914-24 (p.24)
Benjamin Phillips: Who is a Convert? American Jewish Lobbying of Israel 1996-98 (p.45)
Rodney Gouttman: Victorious but not Glorious: Australian Press Critique of Israel Between the Six Day and Yom Kippur Wars (p.72)
Judy Berman: Yom haShoah Commemorations in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney 1945-96 (p.94)
Edna Bradlow & Penelope Hoff: The Hanover Monument: A Unique Memorial to a Centuries-old Community that Virtually Disappeared (p.117)
Rachel Birati: The Historical Development of Modern Hebrew Literature: A Mirror Which Reflects Jewish Cultural Trends (p.131)
Ziva Shavitsky: Yoel Hoffman's 'The Book of Josef, Bernard, Christ of Fish': An Alternative Perspective on a Migrant Community (p.151)
Dvir Abramovich: He Who Rocks the Cradle: The Attack on Motherhood & the Glorification of Fatherhood in the Amos Oz Corpus (p.170)


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