AJJS, Volume XV, 2001

Editorial introduction by Rodney Gouttman (p.3)
Marianne Dacy: The Divine Name in Qumran Benedictions (p.6)
Ellen Ben-Sefer: Chesed: A Framework for Understanding the Shoah (p.17)
Richard Freadman: Always Already an Illusion? Andrew Riemer as Deracinated Australian Autobiographer (p.31)
Rodney Gouttman: A Pernicious Vision: A Challenge from Australia's Extreme Right (p.46)
William D Rubinstein: Freud vs Jung: 'Jewish' vs 'Aryan' Psychology (p.64)
Helmut Dahmer: Antisemitism and Xenophobia: How to Resolve the Riddle of the Sphinx (p.72)
Dvir Abramovich: Reviving the Israeli Roots Novel (p.89)
Rachel Birati: A B Yehoshua, 'The Yatir Evening Express': The Theory of the Absurd and a Journey into Subconscious (p.104)
Ziva Shavitsky: Yehuda Amichai's 'Not of This Time, Not of This Place': The Halving of the German Jew (p.117)


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