AJJS, Volume XVI, 2002

Editorial introduction by Dvir Abramovich & Ziva Shavitsky (p.1)
Dvir Abramovich: The Sexual Objectification of the Oz Women (p.5)
Bill Anderson: 'Women to the Right' - Discrimination on the Ramp: Some Reflections on the Higher Mortality Rate of Women Victims during the Holocaust (p.16)
Kim Cunio: Music of the Dead Sea Scrolls: Baghdadian Jewish Music Oral Tradition as the Basis for Realising Texts of the Qumran Sectarians (Essenes) (p.26)
Agnes Czeiger: Visual Representations of the Voice of the Second Generation - Direct Descendants or Children - of Holocaust Survivors (p.41)
Marianne Dacy: The Jews in the Theodosian Code (p.52)
Rodney Gouttman: A Communist Threat or an Excuse for Antisemitism? Immigration from Israel in the Early 1950s (p.77)
Margaret Kartomi: Continuity and Change in the Music-Culture of the Baghdadi Jews Throughout Two Diasporas in the Colonial and post-Colonial Periods: An Introduction (p.90)
Peodair Leihy: Herod the Great's Jewishness and his Place in Myth and History (p.111)
Phillip Mendes: The Forgotten Refugees: The Causes of the Post-1948 Jewish Exodus from Arab Countries (p.120)
Keren Rubinstein: Yaakov Shabtai and Tel Aviv: 'The Terrible Transformation' (p.135)
William D Rubinstein: Towards an Historical Typology of Genocide (p.152)
Suzanne D Rutland: Postwar Jewish 'Boat People' and Parallels with the Tampa Incident (p.159)
Zohar Segev: Zionism, American Politics and Religion: Rabba Abba Hillel Silver and his Congregation in Cleveland in the Forties (p.177)
Ziva Shavitsky: S Y Agnon's 'Thus Far', 'Mr Lublin's Store' and 'Shira': The Continual Dislocation of German Jewry (p.190)
Norman Simms: Memories through Time and Space: Memories, Midrash and Trauma (p.223)
Don Stanley: Parallels between Masada and Gallipoli in History and Literature (p.238)
Paul Tonson: Lot, Abraham, Ideology and Politics (p.253)