AJJS, Volume IX, 2005

Editorial introduction by Dvir Abramovich & Ziva Shavitsky (p.5)
Anna Berger: The Jews of Munkacs: A Minority Amongst Minorities (p.11)
Shani Berrin: Antisemitism, Assimilation and Ancient Jewish Apologia: The Story of the Exodus in the Writings of Josephus Flavius (p.20)
Rachel Birati: 'Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair': An Exploration of the Equivocal Language of Antisemitism in Apelfeld's 'Badenheim 1939' (p.35)
Marianne Dacy: The Twelfth Benediction ('Birkat ha-Minim') (p.53)
Ozlem Firtina: Kafka's Mouse Folk as a Jewish Minority (p.63)
Rodney Gouttman: The Honorable Jim Saleam: A Self-Declared Prophet and Voice of the Extreme Right in Australia (p.71)
Caryn Granek: Women of the Wall: A Minority Fights Back (p.87)
Hilton Immerman: Radical Movements Among Modern Jewry: The Mussar Movement (p.98)
Sandra Jacobs: A Battle of Gods: The Dramatic Technique of Exodus 7:11-11:9 (p.110)
Sharon Kangisser Cohen: 'Courage to Care': A First Encounter between Holocaust Survivors and Australian School Children (p.121)
Philip Mendes: Voluntary Departure or Expulsion: The Jewish Exodus from Modern Egypt, 1948-1967 (p.134)
Aaron Panken: The Few Against the Many, the Few Among the Many: The Evolution of Ideal Types in the Texts of Hanukkah (p.147)
Yitzhak Reiter: Parallel Narratives and Adverse Strategies: The Arab Minority in the Jewish State (p.162)
Lynne Swarts: The Merging of the Cosmopolitan and the National: Discovering the Beginnings of the National Response to Arts at the Fin de Siecle (p.188)
Ghil`ad Zuckermann: 'Abba, why was Professor Higgins trying to teach Eliza to speak like our cleaning lady?': Mizrahim, Ashkenazim, Prescriptivism and the Real Sounds of the Israeli Language (p.210)