AJJS, 'Menorah', Volume 2, No. 2, Issue 3, December 1988

Editorial introduction by Evan M Zuesse (p.3)
Robert A Anderson: Antisemitism in the New Testament: The State of the Debate (p.8)
Rachael Kohn: Secular Jewish Identity and Hebrew Christianity (p.22)
Anthony Stephens: Elise Lasker-Schueler and Nelly Sachs: Female Authority and Jewish Identity (p.37)
Evan M Zuesse: Exile in the Academy: The Task of Jewish Studies... Then and Now (p.51)
Rodney Gouttman: The Communist Party of Australia and the 'Jewish Problem': 1933-1953 (p.68)
Suzanne Rutland: Australia and Refugee Migration, 1933-1945: Consensus or Conflict (p.77)
Yvonne Fine: The Teacher, or Another Tale of Love and Anger (p.92)