AJJS, Volume XX, 2006

List of Contributors (p.5)
Ariel Feldestein: Rebirth of the 'Other' in the 1948 War: A Cinematic Expression (p.5)
Naomi Graetz and Julie Cwikel: Trafficking and Prostitution: Lessons from Jewish Sources (p.25)
Anna Hartnell: Doubling Exodus: Disowning Violence in the Judeo-Christianity of Martin Luther King (p.59)
Susan Jacobowitz: The Holocaust Daughter: The Poetry and Fiction of Lily Brett (p.89)
Philip Mendes: A Case Study of Ethnic Stereotyping: The Campaign for an Academic Boycott of Israel (p.141)
Suzanne Rutland and Sol Encel: Major Issues Facing the Jewish Community: Women's Perceptions (p.169)
Reuven Snir: Jewishness, Arabness and Egyptianness: The Participation of Egyptian Jews in the Arabic Press and Journalism during the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries (p.199)

Book Reviews

Pages 239 to 263