AJJS, Volume XXI, 2007

List of Contributors (p.3)
Cecil Bloom: Jewish Life in Nineteenth Century Jerusalem (p.5)
Rebecca Entel: Words that Populate the World: Yiddish and Survival in Saul Bellow's Herzog (p.27)
Michael Gesin: Holocaust Case Study: Genocide in Transnistria (p.49)
Jerry Guo: A Modern Job Story: Seize the Day as Saul Bellow's Yom Kippur Fable (p.95)
Richard Hawkins: Samuel Untermyer and the Zionist Project: An Attempt to Reconcile the American 'Melting Pot' with Zionism (p.114)
Hilton Immerman: Modern Insights into Leadership from Classical Jewish Sources (p.155)
Alex P. Jassen: Reading Midrash with Maimonides: An Inquiry into the Sources of Maimonides' Account of the Origins of Idolatry (p.170)
Dana Mihailescu: Jewish Stereotypes in Critical Focus: From Christian Archetypes to Representation Practice (p.201)
Phyllis Sakinofsky: Imprints of Memories, Shadows and Silences: Shaping the Jewish South African Story (p.223)
Uri Zur: Different Readings, Different Meanings: A Dialogue between R. Jose the Galilean and Beruriah the Leader (p.241)

Book Reviews

Pages 256 to 264