AJJS, Volume XXII, 2008

List of Contributors (p.3)
Dvir Abramovich: Conjuring Egypt in Israeli Literature: Yitzhak Gormezano Goren's Blanche (p.5)
Kenneth L. Hanson: The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Language of Binary Opposition: A Structuralist/Post-structuralist Approach (p.26)
Melanie Landau: Re-covering Women as Religious Subject: Reflections on Jewish Women and Hair-covering (p.52)
Isabelle McGregor: Australian Jewry's Conservative Voting Swing (p.75)
Philip Mendes: John Pilger on Israel/Palestine: A Critical Analysis of His Views and Sources (p.97)
Ruth Murphy: The Making of a Jewish Folk Hero: The Maharal in The Golem of Prague (p.113)
Ephraim Nissan: What is in a Busby, what is in a Top-hat: Tall Hats, and the Politics of Jewish Identity and Social Positioning (p.129)

Book Reviews

Philip Mendes on Mike Marqusee's If I Am Not For Myself: Journal of an Anti-Zionist Jew, London, Verso, 2008. (pp. 191-194)