AJJS, Volume XXIII, 2009

Contributors (p.4)
Dvir Abramovich: Testing the Limits of Holocaust Representation in Modern Israeli Literature (p.5)
Heather Benbow: The Gentleman and the Rogue: Jewish Protagonists in Lessing's The Jews and Dani Levy's Go For Zucker! (p.17)
Marianne Dacy: Attitude to the Temple in the Damascus Document and the Temple Scroll (p.44)
Jared C. Hood: The Decalogue and the Egyptian Book of the Dead (p.53)
Adia Mendelson Maoz: A Refugee's Cry: Brenner's 'The Way Out' (p.73)
Philip Mendes: The Strange Phenomenon of Jewish Anti-Zionism: Self-hating Jews or Protectors of Universalistic Principles? (p.96)

Book Reviews

Pages 133 to 140