AJJS, Volume XXVII, 2013

Myer Samra: Editorial Introduction (p.5)
Ian Young: What Do We Actually Know About Ancient Hebrew (p.11)
Raymond Apple: Jewish Prayers for the Government (p.32)
Richard Gehrmann: A White African Experience of Identity, Survival and Holocaust Memory (p.44)
Jonathan Goldstein: 1942: A Year of Survival for Philippine Jews at the Edge of the Diaspora (p.66)
Bronia Kornhauser: Music and the Continuity of Yiddish Language and Culture in Melbourne (p.85)
Ruth Sheridan: Sympathy with the Perpetrators: Examining the Appropriation of Schlink's Der Vorleser in the Film The Reader (p.119)
Letters: Philip Mendes and Mark Aarons (p.139)

Book and Film Reviews

Ran Porat on Shahar Burla's Political Imagination in the Diaspora: The Construction of a Pro-Israeli Narrative. (p.143)
Myer Samra on Yulia Egorova and Shahid Perwez's The Jews of Andhra Pradesh: Contesting Caste and Religion in South India. (p.148)
John London on Olga Gershenson's Gesher: Russian Theatre in Israel - A Study of Cultural Colonization. (p.155)
Suzanne D. Rutland on Gabrielle Gouch's Once, Only the Swallows were Free. (p.157)
Sanford H. Shudnow on Leibowitz: Faith, Country & Man. (p.162)
Shaina Hammerman on Norman Simms's Alfred Dreyfus: Man, Milieu, Mentality and Midrash. (p.169)
Raymond Apple on Norman Simms's In the Context of His Times: Alfred Dreyfus as Lover, Intellectual, Poet and Jew. (p.171)
Suzanne D. Rutland on Loenie Star's England's Ethnic Cleansing of the Jews. (p.175)
Esther Jilovsky on Margaret Taft's From Victim to Survivor: The Emergence and Development of the Holocaust Witness 1941-1949. (p.179)

Contributors (p.184)