AJJS, Volume XXIX, 2015 - 2016

Vicky Schinkel: Editorial Introduction (pp.5-7)
Harvey E. Goldberg: From an Israeli Moshav to Archives and Manuscripts: Moving Backward and Forward in Jewish Studies (pp.8-33)
Dvir Abramovich: Contesting God's Compassion and Choosing Humanism over Divine Mercy: Yehuda Amichai's God Has Pity on Kindergarten Children (pp.34-42)
Yaela Kesler and Yossi Goldstein: Hiking as an Educational Tool of Zionist Youth Movements in Mandate Palestine (pp.43-74)
C. M. Kosemen: Relations between Jews and Dönmes in the Late Ottoman Empire and the Turkish Republic (pp.75-98)
Haggai Mazuz: New Observations on the Story of Moses's Expeditionary Force to Medina (pp.99-111)
Dan Soen and Nitza Davidovitch: Military Service in Israel: Should I Join or Not? Cognitive and Motivational Aspects: The Case Study of Haredi Enlistment in Israel (pp.112-135)
Monica Tempian: Sounds and Silence: The Post-Shoah Poetry of Israel's German-Speaking Olim (pp.136-157)

Book Reviews

George B. Foster on (ed.) Michael A. Grodin's Jewish Medical Resistance in the Holocaust. (pp.158-164)
Jeremy Benstein on David Mevorach Seidenberg's Kabbalah and Ecology: God's Image in the More-Than-Human World. (pp.165-175)
Michael Sasson on Marc B. Shapiro's Changing the Immutable: How Judaism Rewrites its History. (pp.175-183)
Shimon Cowan on Michael J. Broyde and Ira Bedzow's The Codification of Jewish Law and an Introduction to the Jurisprudence of the Mishna Berura. (pp.184-187)
Myer Samra on Navras Jaat Aafreedi's Jews, Judaizing Movements and Traditions of Israelite Descent in South Asia. (pp.187-193)
Marianne Dacy on (ed.) Serge Libermann's Bibliography of Australasian Judaica 1788-2008. (pp.193-198)
Daniel Moalem on Maisie Meyer's Shanghai's Baghdadi Jews: A Collection of Biographical Reflections. (pp.198-203)
Philip Mendes on Sam Lipski and Suzanne D. Rutland's Let My People Go: The Untold Story of Australia and the Soviet Jews 1959-89. (pp.203-207)
Harvey E. Goldberg on (eds) Moshe Bar-Asher and Steven D. Fraade's Studies in the Culture of North African Jewry: Collection of the Lectures Presented in the Workshop at Yale University, October 15-24, 2012. (pp.207-210)
Rachael Kohn on Walter Homolka's Jesus Reclaimed: Jewish Perspectives on the Nazarene. (pp.210-215)
Myer Samra on Marvin Tokayer and Ellen Rodman's Pepper, Silk and Ivory: Amazing Stories about Jews and the Far East. (pp.215-219)

Contributors (pp.220-222)