AJJS, 'Menorah', Volume 3, No. 1, Issue 4, July 1989

Editorial introduction by Evan M Zuesse (p.3)
Mark Baker: Image Before My Eyes: Poland in the Mind of Jews (p.6)
Alan Crown: Israel Weissbrem, An Overlooked Hebrew Writer (p.21)
W D Rubinstein, Paul Bartrop and Suzanne Rutland: The Future of Australian Jewish Historiography: A Panel Discussion (p.29)
Don Barrett: Some Issues in Australian Jewish Education (p.43)

Literary Section

Samuel H Chani: A Town With Four Names: Recollections of Life in Poland Prior to World War II (p.54)

Anthony Stephens: Persecution and the Shape of History: Rediscovering Heine's 'The Rabbi of Bacherach' - 1 (With a Translation of 'The Rabbi of Bacherach', Chapter One, by Anthony Stephens) (p.64)


Evan M Zuesse: Jean-Denis Bredin's 'The Affair: The Case of Alfred Dreyfus' (p.82)
Fredric S Zuckerman: Jewish Survival in the Soviet Union: A Review Article (p.85)