AJJS, 'Menorah', Volume 3, No. 2, Issue 5, December 1989

Editorial introduction by Evan M Zuesse (p.3)
Charlotte Carr-Gregg: The Inaction of the Red Cross During the Holocaust: Some Comments on Jean-Claude Favez' Study, 'Une Mission Impossible?' (p.10)
Mirna Cicioni: 'Different Springs and Different Airs': Primo Levi's Multiple Autobiography (p.20)
Paul R Bartrop: Bruno Bettelheim and the Extreme Situation: The Debate over Prisoner Behaviour in Nazi Concentration Camps (1943-79) (p.32)
Ron Gilbert: The Holocaust and the Sublime (p.48)
Rachael L E Kohn: Emil Fackenheim on the Holocaust (p.56)
W D Rubinstein: Judaism and Christianity in Contemporary Australia: Success versus Failure? (p.64)

Literary Section

Serge Liberman: The Choir: Fugue and Diminuendo (p.81)
Mal Morgan: An Importance in Fallen Horses and Burning Sunflowers (p.89)


Rachael L E Kohn: A Program for Jews to Become Truly English: on Maurice Gerald Bowler, 'Claude Montefiore and Christianity' (p.93)
Evan M Zuesse: Finding the Jewish Way of Enchantment: on Irving Greenberg, 'The Jewish Way', and Jacob Neusner, 'The Enchantments of Judaism' (p.95)