AJJS, Volume V, Number 1, 1991

Editorial introduction by Rachael Kohn (p.3)
W D Rubinstein: Are Jews an Intellectual Elite? (p.7)
Pamela J Maclean: Pinchas Goldhar: His Yiddish Vision - A Flawed Nationalism? (p.21)
Rachael Kohn: Church and Synagogue: Scholars, Missionaries and Jews in Nineteenth Century England (p.34)
Martin Katchen: Who Wants Moshiach Now? Pre-millennialism and Post-millennialism in Contemporary Judaism (p.59)
Max Wilcox: The Dead Sea Scrolls: Winds of Change (p.77)
Wendy Sinclair-Brull: Not So Black and White: The Jews of Cochin, South India (p.93)

Book Reviews

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