AJJS, Volume VI, Number 2, 1992

Editorial introduction by Rachael Kohn (p.3)
Fay Zwicky: Innocence and the Seeds of Heresy: The Childhood World of Israel Joshua and Isaac Bashevis Singer (p.8)
James Tulip: Kaddish in Two Modern Cultures: The Poetry of Fay Zwicky and Allen Ginsburg (p.27)
Matthew del Nevo: Edmond Jabes, Jewish Destiny and Deconstruction (p.37)
Lloyd P Gartner: The Character of Anglo-Jewish History (p.53)
Rodney Gouttman: Judaism from the Antipodes: A Political View, 1947-1967 (p.69)
Marianne Dacy: Sukkot in the Late Second Temple Period (p.104)

Book Reviews

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