AJJS, Volume VII, Number 2, 1993

Editorial introduction by Rachael Kohn (p.3)
Gerhard P Bassler: 'Leave to Land Shall not be Refused': The Right to Asylum in Newfoundland 1906-1949 (p.8)
W D Rubinstein: Recent Anglo-Jewish Historiography and the Myth of Jix's Antisemitism (p.24)
Peter Monteath: Jews in Buchenwald (p.46)
Alan D Crown: The Parting of the Ways (p.62)
Edwin Judge: Judaism and the Rise of Christianity: A Roman Perspective (p.82)
Evan M Zuesse: The Jewish Year, I: The Complementarity of Spring and Autumn Cycles (p.99)
Myer Samra: 'Shaded by the Followers of Muhammad': The Poet Anwar Shaul and the Jews in Iraq (p.99)

Book Reviews

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