AJJS, Volume VIII, Number 1, 1994

Editorial introduction by Rachael Kohn (p.3)
Jacob Neusner: The Structure and System of Babylonian Talmud Horayot (p.8)
Evan M Zuesse: The Jewish Year, II: The Summer Fasts as the Key to the Jewish Calendar (p.41)
Wolfgang Benz: Terezin (Theresienstadt) in the History of German Jews (p.61)
Suzanne D Rutland: 'Our Children Will Be Our Guarantors': Child Survivors in Australia (p.74)
Herbert Hirsch: History and the Politics of Memory: Rewriting the Holocaust (p.95)
Geoffrey Alderman: Recent Anglo-Jewish Historiography and the Myth of Jix's Antisemitism: A Response (p.112)
Eliezer Paltiel: On the Status of Jerusalem as Seen from the Bible (p.122)

Book Reviews

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