AJJS, Volume VIII, Number 2, 1994

Editorial introduction by Rachael Kohn (p.3)
Robert S Wistrich: The Jews and Nationality Conflicts in the Habsburg Lands (p.8)
Paul R Bartrop: Britain's Colonial Empire and Jewish Refugees During the Holocaust: The Limits of Rescue Reached (p.67)
W D Rubinstein: The Myth of Rescue: The British National Committee for Rescue from Nazi Terror, 1943-1945 (p.85)
Tamsin Clarke: Denying the Holocaust (p.103)
David Bierman: From Centralisation to Pluralism: Jewish Communal Organisations in Sydney, London and New York (p.143)
Evan M Zuesse: The Jewish Year, III: The Summer Fasts as the Key to the Jewish Calendar (p.163)
Sergei Yekelchik: Research Note: The Strategies of a Prejudice (p.185)
W D Rubinstein: Professor Alderman and Jix: A Response (p.192)
Rodney Gouttman: Review Essay (p.202)

Book Reviews

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