AJJS, Volume IX, Numbers 1 & 2, 1995

Editorial introduction by Rachael Kohn (p.3)
Philip Mendes: Left Attitudes Towards Jews: Antisemitism and Philosemitism (p.7)
Rachael Kohn: Lutherans and Jews in South Australia: 1933-45 (p.45)
Alan D Crown: Jewish Roots of Christian Liturgy (p.62)
Marianne Dacy: The Passover Controversy (p.87)
Alan L Berger: From Theology to Morality: Post-Auschwitz Tikkun Olam in the Stories of Serge Liberman (p.104)
W D Rubinstein: Kosher Heroes: Jewish-American Baseball Stars (p.124)
Anna Frenkel: The Jewish Empire in the Land of Future Russia (p.142)
George Weisz and Konrad Kwiet: Research Note: Doctors' Opinions on Nazi Doctors (p.171)

Book Reviews

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